Psychosomatic work - how and why can it work?

I still find psychosomatic work quite magical and fascinating. Even after experiencing over a couple of hundred hours of personal and client experiences in these settings, I get baffled and excited, humbled and deeply grateful about the experiences that one can have as one dives into the soma (body) with their attentive awareness.

The internal world is incredibly deep and mysterious.

To me, it is in the somatic realm, where things start to get seriously profound and where we can even have psychedelic-like experiences.
Where talking therapy and self-analysis hit their limits, somatic exploration blooms.

To further explain this, I will share a recent little story:

The other day, I had a client who constantly felt stressed, scattered, overwhelmed, felt like he was running around and doing things all day but not actually getting anything done. There was no sense of completion. Additionally, he felt like he was never really present with his daughter and family which he wished to be different.
As we dropped into the physical sensations of his stress and turmoil, we encountered a part that was tense and felt like everything was too much. As we stayed with this part and gave it presence, it started moving within his body and did not want to be inspected. 
I asked question, introspected together with my client and kept attentively listening, curiously aware.
I also always call on Love to support me and my clients and to be with us in the sessions. It feels like there is a sphere of tender connection and safety around us when I do this.
As I continued to ask questions and stay curious, we took a couple of excursions into other aspects of my clients bodymind but eventually returned to the first part that we got into contact with originally. As we decided to stay with it, even though it did not want to be seen, we eventually received some clarity.
As it quite often takes place, a memory arises from underneath the feeling. In this case of my client it was, lo and behold, even a past life memory.
It turned out that there was some unfinished business that he took from the past life straight into his current one and into the womb of his mother, where he then experienced his twin’s death.
So there was some load of stress. Those experiences led him to feel like he and what he did was never quite enough.
So he made amends then and there with the soul that he had beef with in the past and in his mother’s womb.
Tears flowed as old pain got released and I got to witness how my clients posture changed and a weight was visibly lifted off his shoulders.


I want to say that these past life experiences have not been super common in my personal work and with clients it has happened one time so far. So before you get excited to dive into past lives, I also want to say this:
These experiences can happen because memories are stored at cell and DNA level and deep listening coupled with a willingness and curiosity to go within for resolution seems to bring forth the memories.

Is it really necessary?
Do we all need to know what happened in our past lives?
I believe not necessarily.
I don’t think it makes much sense to go “past life surfing” just to get some information. It can be fun of course but also might distract us from our present life. Not to mention the spiritual egoism that this kind of travelling can bring up.
I find, it is enough for these things to be looked at and worked with when they naturally arise. No need to force.

When working with the body mind, I work with what shows itself. Most often this has been childhood memories. And they can start as early as pregnancy.
I don’t like forcing a certain type of experience or push a person to work with a certain emotion or feeling. We work with what is present and go from there. Curiously, openly and listening with as much caring compassion as is possible.

I hope this little article was insightful and useful for you. If you’d like to get in contact, you’re welcome to do so via the contact form below 🙏🏻♡