I am a somatic practitioner and student because the world of somatic exploration and integration has given and continues to give me so much profundity and life.
The realms of wounded self (inner child, teenager, adult), soul and sexuality are hereby my specialities as I personally have gained so much value from those depths.

The journey of exploring soul and being human started rather unconsciously in my late teens when I began traveling the world and living abroad.

On this journey I’ve experienced how all things and non-things are connected. I remembered the dreams and visions I had as a child.

On this journey I’ve also experienced some of the internal darkness of the human experience and losing my desire to live.
I have felt supported and guided by God / the Universe – and continue to feel so –  through a lot of aspects of my journey.

The journey of being human to me can feel complex and yet so simple.
So beautiful and yet so painful.
It can feel so supported and held as well as lonely.
I increasingly learn to extract the treasures from those experiences.

I share my experiences, perspectives and services because I feel a desire to do so and because I see it as a contribution in bringing more awareness, understanding and compassion to our human experiences.
Because I see that a lot of things on Earth can also be different.
And it starts within each and everyone of us.

You can see the YouTube channel to hear me speak on topics of the inner child, emotional awareness, somatic aspects of our experience, feminine embodiment or sexuality.

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Selflove About Selbstliebe Über

I wrote an article to give acknowledgement to my journey with Yoga.
You can read it here ♡

Photo: With the lovely Baba Shankar
in Rishikesh, India (a while ago ☺️ )


⋆ 2019-2021:  Coaching training in Sexuality, Love & Relationships – Trauma-informed w/ Layla Martin (650hr)

⋆ 2016-2019: Yoga teacher training w/ Ronald & Melanie Steiner (500hr)

⋆ 2018: Dynamic Thai Massage w/Till Heeg (3 days)

⋆ 2017: Osteothai for inner organs w/ David Lutt (30hr)

⋆ 2014: Thai Massage – Advanced Techniques at Khunchamnan Family in Chiang Mai, Thailand (30hr) 

⋆ 2014: Basic Thai Massage in  Chiang Mai, Thailand (30hr)

⋆ 2013: Basic Ayurveda training and Massage at Anjali Ayurveda Center in Kerala, India (1 month)

In Retreats, courses, or 1:1 work:
⋆ Ronja Sebastian
⋆ Andela Blazevic
⋆ Natasha Haddad 
⋆ Dr. Saida Desilets
⋆ Layla Martin

⋆ and more