You are already whole – nothing in you needs fixing but is merely yearning to finally be given the acknowledgement and Love it hasn’t received at some points of your life ♡

Hi dear soul,

Selflove About Selbstliebe Übermy name is Katja and my life led me here: to share my insights and support those for whom the aspects of my journey are currently useful.

My path has led me through some abysses of the human experience and has also shown me that I, as a soul, have decided to incarnate here and now on Earth to make certain experiences.
Over the past years I have increasingly felt the call to share the lessons from these experiences.
I do this in different ways – through 1:1 work, through Yoga, in the form of media (mainly German: Instagram, YouTube, Podcast, Newsletter) and even starting with the expression through dancing.

I have different trainings in body-mind work (which you can see at the bottom of the page) and I continue to educate myself.
To me, lived experience and regularly receiving the work that I myself offer is hereby more important than collecting certifications.
This means I regularly seek out people whom I feel called to because they practice healing- and self-explorative work that speaks to me. Furthermore, I strive to walk my talk and to live that which I wish to see in the world.
I am also currently on the journey of discovering my soul family here on Earth – together with my sweet and loving partner ♡

If my work speaks to you, it will be my honour to accompany you.
I think we all learn with each other, from each other and remember together, in mutual reflection, our essence.
This is what I am here for. For the exploration of being human as a soul and to support you in your exploration.

If you want to know more, you’re welcome to contact me, to view my content YouTube (English & German), Instagram (Mainly German) or via the Podcast (English & German).

For Mother Earth and her children,

Katja ♡

Photo: With the lovely Baba Shankar
in Rishikesh, India (a while ago 😀 )

I also want to give acknowledgment and space to my journey with Yoga here.
So I wrote an article about it. You can read it here ♡

We are not broken
– simply marked
by the world and the environment
that we grew up in



⋆ 2019-2021:  Coaching training in Sexuality, Love & Relationships – Trauma-informed w/ Layla Martin (650hr)

⋆ 2016-2019:  Yoga teacher training w/ Ronald & Melanie Steiner (500hr)

⋆ 2018: Dynamic Thai Massage w/Till Heeg (3 days)

⋆ 2017: Osteothai for inner organs w/ David Lutt (30hr)

⋆ 2014: Thai Massage – Advanced Techniques at Khunchamnan Family in Chiang Mai, Thailand (30hr) 

⋆ 2014:Basic Thai Massage in  Chiang Mai, Thailand (30hr)

⋆ 2013: Basic Ayurveda training and Massage at Anjali Ayurveda Center in Kerala, India (1 month)

In Retreats, courses, or 1:1 work:
⋆ Ronja Sebastian
⋆ Andela Blazevic
⋆ Natasha Haddad 
⋆ Dr. Saida Desilets
⋆ Layla Martin

⋆ and more