Feminine Essence

☆ Nourishes

☆ Rests

☆ Lives in the depths of our un- & subconscious

☆ Exists in every person

☆ Is essential for the healthy and holistic evolution of humanity

☆Contains so many answers to today’s questions and problems


☆ Is natural

☆ Is our nature

☆ Is what we are made from

☆ Is our raw and primal as well as divine, pure and innocent expression as humans


☆ Isn’t something we can do.
➣ It’s who we are in essence.

☆ It is what wants us to live, thrive, bloom and be all that which we can feel in our hearts to be possible


☆ Is what pulses through all of existence

☆Is an underlying intelligence that keeps the planets in their orbits, your heart beating, life and death cycles recurring – it is what we are made of and from.

☆ Is crucial to be remembered, felt, tapped back into and sourced from for us in order to evolve healthily and sustainably

☆ Is right here and now – a vast field, known by us also in the terms of the subconscious and unconscious – a field within and around each and everyone of us that is full of wisdom, intelligence, creativity and beauty

☆ What we also call The Spiritual – We are spiritual beings having a human experience

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