Selbstliebe See
Body and emotional awareness are crucial aspects for a whole human experience.
Below you can find more information about body-mind-integration coaching.
There is a free initial conversation in which you can ask me questions, we can get to know each other a little and see whether it feels aligned to work together.
⭐︎ Want to feel more at home in your body
⭐︎ For women: In your female body
➣ To feel it in its tender, sensual and sensitive glory.

⭐︎ Want to release stress from the body as it has been accumulated through living in a body-ignorant society which greatly distorts its natural expression.
✯ Want to feel more connected to your essence / your core.
✯ Want to connect to your emotions in a way that supports emotional wellbeing and self-compassion
✯ Want to come from an intellectual and conceptual understanding of selflove into a felt experience
✯ Yearn to feel more deeply connected to your body and yourself – also as a soul in a human body.
To say it with a couple of words: Soul-Embodiment.
✯ Are willing to start where you are at
✯ Are willing to relax the stories that you have about yourself and life in order to drop deeper into the felt experience of yourself and life.
✯ Find yourself in recurring patterns of experience or behaviour that you want to solve

✯ We work psychosomatically: This means that we look at emotions and issues not only from the mental perspective but also through the physical. Using the “felt sense” (the conscious perceiving of physical sensations) is a key element here and it has its own magic to it which is better experienced than described.

✯ Through this somatic approach, hurting or lost parts from the past (often childhood) show themselves. We work with them and genlty bring them into your current life so that they can participate in a wholesome, integrated and healthy way.

✯ Working with the inner mother & father / caretaker and feminine / masculine qualitites.

✯ Those methods have the potential to allow for deeper states of relaxation  and to create more clarity.

Sessions happen in a 1:1 setting.

In most cases via an online room. Depending on location, in-person sessions are possible, too.

I recommend to start with either 6 or 10 sessions.
This is to give the methodology as well as yourself and your journey of growth, healing and integration more space.

I think there are too many great promises in the self-development world (and I have made them too in the past). While big changes and breakthroughs are possible, the reality is often that change takes its time and space and “the gras doesn’t grow faster if we pull on it”.
Individual circumstances, past experiences and a person’s journey so far impact the work.
That being said:  We can water the gras, get to know the ground better and nurture it.

Working with me can help you get more intimate with yourself and your life’s wishes.

Through this work you may expand your perspective as well as deepen the connection to yourself.
Your life is a journey. I wish for you that it is a wonderful one and an unfolding of your heart’s dreams.
I can support you in nurturing your ground.

If you wish to get some support on this journey, it will be my joy, pleasure and honor to accompany you  ♡

You can find a few references / reviews from previous clients of the 1:1 work here. 🙏🏻

Single Session

For those who are already experienced in this type of work
  • 2nd price category: € 90,-
  • 3rd price category: € 70,-

6 Sessions

To be used within 3 months
  • 2nd price category: € 480,-
  • 3rd price category: € 390,-
  • Payment in installments available

10 Sessions

To be used within 5 months
  • 2nd price category: € 750,-
  • 3rd price category: € 600,-
  • Payment in installments available