Selflove & Consciousness Mentoring

Selbstliebe - Selflove

Selflove and Consciousness Mentoring is for you if you:

✯ Are feeling cut off from your body and emotions

✯ Want to come from an intellectual and conceptual understanding into a felt experience of selflove

✯ Yearn to feel more deeply connected to your body and yourself as a soul in a human body

✯ Are willing to start where you are at

✯ Want to connect to your innocent and pure nature

✯ Find yourself in recurring patterns of experience or behaviour that you want to solve

Selflove is a popular trend these days, however...

it seems that the focus often lays on merely giving yourself more spa time, eating certain foods & posting your self-loving self on social media. Or something like this. While some of these things are certainly part of loving oneself, it can be difficult to actually do those things – eating well, giving oneself quality time etc.


The answer is: Because you have a bodymind, which can also be referred to as your unconscious mind.
There are aspects of your consciousness that are not on board with you becoming your most loving and conscious, awake and alive self.

Again –  this begs a question:


Because at some points in your life you decided that certain behavioural strategies worked for you. Even at the detriment of your own authenticity and care for yourself.

When you work with me, you will be guided to work with the different levels of your consciousness. 

My intention is for you to learn how to be with all these different parts of yourself – and by doing so, softening their grip on your life.
The Selflove & Consciousness Mentoring can be seen as a  training ground for you to learn and deepen acceptance towards yourself and all the different parts that are alive in you.

One common theme I observe in people when it comes to accepting themselves with all the different parts as they are, is the question:


The answer is:
Because it usually is an aspect of your consciousness that formed in the past as a response to a threatening or painful situation. The part formed so you could continue your life in a functioning, even if not necessarily optimum way. There comes a time when these coping or survival mechanisms are no longer serving us. This might be why you are here, reading this.

Now I want to give you some further information what Selflove & Consciousness Mentoring entails and what tools and practices will be used:

✯ Working psychosomatically. This means that we look at emotions not only from the mental perspective but also through the physical. This supports a more wholesome integration. Using embodiment practices and the “felt sense” (the conscious perceiving of physical sensations) supports this process.

✯ You’ll receive my support in diving into yourself: the unconscious, the subconscious, the shadow, the inner child (all different names for very similar aspects of the human body-mind-complex)

✯ There will be guided meditation.

✯ Working with the inner mother & father / caretaker and feminine / masculine qualitites is another aspect of this.

One important aspect:

I say this because I think there are too many great promises in the self-development world (and I have made them too in the past):

Working with me can help you to get more intimate with yourself and your life’s wishes.

However, my support is no quick fix.

The Selflove & Consciousness Mentoring can expand your perspective as well as deepen the connection to yourself.
Your life is a journey. I can be a supporting part of that.
So if you feel the call to work with me, I’ll gladly walk the path of Love & Consciousness with you for a while ♡

Sessions happen in a 1:1 setting.

In most cases via an online room. Depending on location, in-person sessions are possible, too.

Please fill out the form via the button below to give me and you clarity about what you need and how I can support you.

What people say who’ve worked with me:

Thank you for the wonderful coaching.
Trained to perform and to upkeep strength on the outside, I had lost the feeling for my femininity.
With your affection and sensitive way, you’ve shown me how my own femininity feels.
You have showed me amazing practices that I can continue to use
Thank you

Katja has the incredible skill to create a safe space in which one feels fully seen and therefore
gets the chance to completely open up.
She is a great support when it comes to “leaving your comfort zone” and to show yourself naked and real.
Especially helpful and fruitful are the tools and practices.
The practices are easy, wonderful to integrate into daily life and have a very powerful effect.
To me, the coaching was very enriching on many levels.
Thank you for the amazing work and the loving support

Katja has accompanied me through deep seated shadows of my Self.
She really has a talent for holding space and you can feel that she works a lot with herself.
I got to learn ways to connect to myself again and again and through the inner work so much in my outer has changed without us directly working towards that.
Until today this is so magical to me!
Through the work with Katja I got to take huge steps towards myself, my femininity, my sensuality, my sexuality, self-love and the joy of life.
I have recommended Katja to several girlfriends, to me, she has definitely become one of the most inspiring women in my life!
So much gratitude for YOU, dear Katja

Katja’s Coaching has helped me very quickly very much. Katja has a very empathic, pleasant and motivating 
style and you can notice that she engaged intensively with the topic of self-love.
I can only recommend a coaching with Katja.


❍ 10 sessions (60-90 minutes per session): (to be used within 5 months) + support via EMail inbetween sessions (if needed):
1000,-€ – Payment in installments is possible.

❍ Single session (60-90 minutes): 120,-€

→ Single sessions are only for special cases and mostly for people who have had a minimum of 10 sessions.

There is a free and initial get-to-know call where we can feel each other out and you can ask questions.