Sensitivity and Intuition

This article is going to be a little bit of venting and further on an elaboration of my own experience on the topics of sensitivity and intuition.

Sensitivity - is it sepcial or natural?

I am writing this out of a desire to express.

In recent times I have been increasingly confronted with people who said “I am very sensitive” or “I can read other people’s energy very well”.

Ok cool.

Nothing wrong with that.

I do, however, have a bit of a tightness in my stomach when I hear this being spoken out loud.

And the main reason actually being that I feel a sense of envy when someone speaks this out loud so confidently.

I too, can feel energy quite strongly. I too can read people’s energy (aka emotional state) quite well and I too am veery sensitive. Even more so since I embarked on the journey of doing deep psychosomatic healing.

A need to feel seen and recognised

I just never really made a big deal out of it. But I do admit that I feel unseen when people say to my face that they can read energy well.

Because there is a part in me that also wants to be acknowledged for her sensitivity. Thank you here to my therapists and healers who have held such beautiful space for me to feel seen in my sensitivity – as well as to you dear reader, as you are also reading and witnessing me in these lines of words I share.

I frankly say it: I have the impression that it is a bit of a “special me” trait in the “woke” or spiritual communities. There is an admiration for those with “special gifts”. But the truth in my opinion and observation is, that we ALL have intution and are sensitive. It is not a gift. It is our fricking nature.

And they are the circumstances of the current state of the world that greatly distract us and makes us numb to our sensitive side.

Since studying evolutionary astrology, some more of the things that I’ve been experiencing are making sense. So is it that sensitivity’s dark side is numbing and distracting oneself because of overwhelm from all the information that is flowing in through the sensitive channels.

Since we live on a planet on which quite rough things are taking place, it is not very easy to be sensitive and it is understandable why so many people choose to numb themselves instead.

We all carry emotional trauma

I also want to highlight here that we humans have very fundamental social-emotional needs such as:
Needing to feel a sense of belonging, needing to feel seen, acknowledged and accepted for who we are as our authentic self.

Now this brings with it a whole other dimension of emotional trauma and pain.

Considering once again that our society is rather profit and performance driven, our needs of feeling seen, acknowledged and accepted as our authentic, curious, playful, lovely, caring and gentle human soul-self, makes this Earth experience somewhat difficult.

The deeper I dove into myself as a psycho-somatic-emotional-spiritual human being , the more I realised how far away many of us have come from the recognition of their sensitivity and, we could say, “specialness”.

The deeper I dove into my own healing, the less numbing I practiced on my body and psyche and the more sensitivity and intuition switched on significantly.
One phenomena that I observe in my 1:1 client work is that I can often feel before the person says where they hold tension in their body.

I have met several people who are able to do similar things. What we call “special” or “magic” or “supernatural” is actually our nature – I say it again – distorted by current circumstances here on this planet.

The "special me" phenomena

A friend of mine shared this with me a couple of years ago when she shared about her embodiment training:

There is a phenomena that they called “special me”.

So this summarizes pretty well what I experience a lot in spiritual and self-development circles. People thinking that they are special or people thinking that another person is special.

To me, from a certain perspective, we are ALL special. Or I’d rather say: Unique and a wonder.

I frankly say that those people who have rubbed into my face their ability of sensitivity are usually people in whom I sense a need of recognition.
I sense in front of those people a kind of wall. And behind that wall I see a person that is showing themselves strong and confident, yet there is a sense of “little child” inside that feels like it wants to soften, relax, sink into and trust the world around it.


Now we can absolutely argue that I am projecting all this and as I write these lines, yes, I am kind of writing about myself. Projection is a bit of a blurry topic. We can never really know whether we are “just projecting” or whether there is a token of “truth” in that which we are perceiving about another. I frankly think it is both.

I think, many, many of us carry unexpressed potentials and expressions within us so of course do we see and sense things in each other. And of course can another trigger certain perspectives and responses in us.

We are living in a time where so many of us are psychoanalysts without holding a psychology degree. I think that is great and I believe it is part of our evolution. We are yearning to understand ourselves and the people around us.

But are there really only some of us special? Or are we all a  miracle that is currently expression itself in a human form and we are simply remembering and learning to act as such a miracle.
I am a propnent of the latter.


Finally, I want to say: I have met some pretttty interesting and “out there” people in regards to sensitivity and embodied love. People who just emmitted this kind of energy and presence that almost left me speechless. There was a clarity, purity and innocent playfulness being expressed through them that was so remarkable, it has etched itself into my consciousness for years. Projection? Yes, maybe.
However, these people were not really telling me how sensitive they were. They were rather speaking to me in ways and asking me some questions that made me really think about my own role in the world and the way that I perceive it. At the same time, I felt so deeply seen by these people that it was a bit eery ­čśä.

As opposed to: Those who have told me that they can read people and energies well – well, yes, I have found that they are also accurate about their observations but I did not feel the sense of kind and loving depth & presence that I have sensed in some others.

So at the end of the day – what do these sensitivites do us good if they are used to strengthen a wall that protects the deeply tender, hurt and lonely as well as the even more sensitive and intutively wise places inside of us?

I yearn to use these aspects of my human experience in order to further deeper connection and yes, I do also want to be seen and recognised in my sensitivity – that is part of the journey.

So I honestly think it is a good and healing thing to celebrate and talk about our sensitivity. As long as we are aware of how we relate to it. In a “special me” and superiority kinda way or from a place of naturalness sprinkled with grounded humbleness and gratitude for the beauty and wonder?

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