Ponderings about Peace

Photo credit: Javardh (Unsplash)

What do we feel about peace?

Simply that it is the absence of war?

Our minds and bodies have been infiltrated with visions and beliefs of “this is just what it is kinda war” for millennia.

Can we take the time to contemplate
what peace really looks and feels like?

What do we want to fill war’s absence with?

The song of birds 
The laughter of children and adults alike
The smile on a face for no other reason
than simply being part of a miraculous creation.

People who gather in joy to create experiences of community and peace.
People coming together in excitement, buzzing creativity and ease.
Humans seeing themselves and each other as one big and interconnected family.
As brothers and sisters. 
As children of Earth.
And we treat each other and that which we touch as such.

We are creative by nature
and live this part of our being.

Each of us contributing their own unique perspective and skills. 

The flight of butterflies in streets.
The sight of trees and greens. 
The cracking sound of fresh food crunched by our mouths.
Saliva fresh.
Lips red.
Eyes glow.
Lightness in our hearts.
Softness our bellies.
Spaciousness in our minds.
Ease in the way we talk and walk.

Many might think of this as Utopia.

But I ask us all: 
Where did we stop believing in the possibility of something else than war?

And are we aware of the darkness inside of ourselves?
What do we do to shed light into these inner abysses?

Do we feel hope?
Or despair?

With which one do we choose to be?

I have come to see 
that if I act on disbelief for humanity,
I perpetuate the state of war inside and around me.

But if I allow belief and tender hope
to guide me
things start to become and feel differently.

To truly allow myself to feel
is a path of full intensity.
But it also gives me the feeling
that I am an actually living, breathing, caring being.

Instead of a walking dead human
that is just distracting herself with petty things 
which give me nothing but heaviness and superficial release 
without a felt sense of true inner peace.

How do we want to live?
And with what do we want to die?

Inner achievements or outer ones?
I dare to choose the former.

Believing that we landed on an evil planet or that humanity is inherent with loving potential?
Here, I dare to choose the latter.

Because I have come to learn from within myself 
that anger, hatred, rage and despair
are simply my lost and forgotten selves
that long for true connection. 

However grand my vision may be
and possibly intimidate me.
It starts within me and my immediate vicinity.

I am here to be Love.

That is a big statement to make.

But my compass is:
Seeking out those who make me feel deeply seen.
Grounding in nourishing connection.
To then spread my wings and words for global intention.

Honesty towards my own inner state
as well as in the way I communicate.

Beauty is my compass, too.
Seeing beauty. 
Creating beauty.
With whatever means I have.

And so I continue to learn and remember
to live in deep surrender.
To the mystery of this ineffable creation
and to Love that can
make miracles come true.