I’m Katja – women’s deep dive coach.

My own journey of over a decade of travelling and exploring spirituality, sexuality and what it means to be a woman + what true love actually means have led me to where I am today – continuing to explore this, experiencing ever deeper and far reaching layers of beauty – within myself and the world.

Healing, to me, results in  feeling life as a soul in this human existence and BODY. And feeling a deeper sense of “okay-ness” (or peace) with it.

To feel the body deeply.
As an intelligent being, as a vehicle of infinite wisdom and information.

…to go through life with a childlike curiosity and more lightness again.

My path led me to experience psychedelics, the power of Yoga Asana practice, breathwork and the effectiveness of body-oriented work with consciousness and the emotions.

You are already whole – nothing in you needs fixing but is merely yearning to finally be given the acknowledgement and Love it hasn’t received in the past ♡

Body-oriented emotions and consciousness work has especially aided me to integrate the painful as well as the deep spiritual experiences I have had throughout my life.

My never ending research of the nature of existence, the human mind and body + what “true Love” actually is and how to live and embrace my humanity with all it’s tricks and turns, is what continues to propel me.

Through body-oriented, trauma-informed work I discovered that my soul (or intuition, highest self,..) speaks louder to me again.

I wholeheartedly feel that in order to create the world many of us deeply yearn for and know in our hearts to be true & possible, we need to begin uncovering and reclaiming the lost and hidden parts of ourselves – give them our unbiased awareness, presence and love. This is how we increase inner harmony and peace and therefore with the people and the world around us.

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You are not broken – simply marked by the world and the environment that you grew up in

Relevant trainings:

⋆ 2019-2021: Layla Martin (650hr trauma-informed coaching training)

⋆ 2016-2019: Ronald and Melanie Steiner (500hr yoga teacher training)

⋆ 2018: Dynamic Thai Massage (3 days with Till Heeg)

⋆ 2017: Osteothai for inner organs (30hr with David Lutt)

⋆ 2014: Khunchamnan Family in Chiang Mai, Thailand (60hr traditional Thai Massage)

⋆ 2013: Anjali Ayurveda Center in Kerala, India
(1 month Ayurveda training in Massage und Basics)

In Retreats, courses, or 1:1 work:
⋆ Ronja Sebastian
⋆ Natalie Marciano
⋆ Natasha Haddad 
⋆ Dr. Saida Desilets
⋆ Layla Martin

and more…

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