To my global and galactic family (Poem in english)

I am mighty I am wise
I am spirit in disguise

I am holy, I am goddess,
have seen myself as the high priestess
of ancient times,
somewhere in the Pleiadean realms.

I had a vision where I had risen,
for the whole world to see.

There were many others of soul family
standing and dancing with me.

I am here to rise.
I am here to shine.
I am here to do this with my kind.

Sisters, I am here,
activating my deeper and higher self
with every breath I take.

I am healing the wounds of sisterhood
Deeper and deeper I unravel into all that’s good.

I am craving connections from woman to woman and from soul to soul
I’m here to crack myself open and break myself free
from the imaginary shackles of humanity.

I used to play small to please everyone
I am shedding these layers one by one.

Of a peaceful and equal world I have fantasized
ever since I was a child.

I can feel it in my soul
humanity has a huge untapped potential.
We are here to understand
what true love actually means

And if we live from that,
realise that we are beings from the light,
we may get rid of owned land.

We be free.
Living and being unconditionally.
Love is our only rule.
And we emit and live it naturally.
It guides us into unity
And from there we are free.
Playing in infinity.

~by Katja Sch.~

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