On this page you can see questions that I ask clients in a feedback form and the correalting answers of different people.

How did you feel after our sessions?

Grounded, Strenghtened

After our sessions I always felt motivated, warm, confident, positive, full of energy and ready for action. And always lighter and more lively than before.

Empowered, free, full of energy, satisfaction, feeling that I am on my path, sexy, excited

Inspired, calm, energetic, with a desire to continue contemplation and the courage to act.

Like a therapy session. Sometimes lighter and sometimes as if I had a heavy heart, which usually had to do with what was released or worked through.

Connected and as if something had been released, further developed or untangled.

A bit tired, but that always has to do with the amount of information for me. I often had an AHA moment afterwards and became more aware of some things, could then do more with them and implement them or at least try to implement them.

Well, inspired, strengthened, thoughtful