~ 6 months self-love deep dive ~

How does it work?

My 1:1 work consists of talking but the essence of it lies in connecting you with your body and your FELT STATE.

Connecting with the felt state brings you in contact with your deeper consciousness – the sub- and unconscious mind.
It is where limiting belief systems live, where we can uproot them and where we can “install” new ones.
With my own experience and education in this body based approach, I have an array of tools and methods that are supportive in doing this inner work gently and compassionately.

I will show you how you can learn and practice to love and hold yourself unconditionally. As this, in my experience, is true self-love: The ability to be with oneself in all feelings ♥︎

Going only about the transformational work in an intellectual way is surfing the surface.
It’s fun, gives some insights (when the waters are clear we might even be able to look a few meters down) but in the end, we have to DIVE down there to really know what’s going on.

Benefits of this work

⋙ ability to listen into yourself more deeply

⋙ receive tools for connecting with yourself and your body anew and more intimately

⋙ get to know self-love tools and perspectives to take with you throughout your life

⋙ fleeting insights, epic summit views or deep-reaching full-body experiences of the all-pervading and omni present Love.

⋙ a refreshed feeling for yourself

⋙ connection to your primal power, your inner intelligence, your wisdom, rawness, sensuality, beauty, wholeness ∞ 🤍

⋙ new perspectives and outlooks for your life 

⋙ a space for deep healing ~ of inner child aspects, past wounds and even of generational pain

⋙ connection to your essence ~ the place from which wisdom communicates to you

You are a constantly changing and evolving being. Your journey’s never finished. You grow and learn constantly.
If not as a human, then at least as a soul.

What people say who’ve worked with me:

Thank you for the wonderful coaching.
Trained to perform and to upkeep strength on the outside, I had lost the feeling for my femininity.
With your affection and sensitive way, you’ve shown me how my own femininity feels.
You have showed me amazing practices that I can continue to use
Thank you 😍

Katja has the incredible skill to create a safe space in which one feels fully seen and therefor gets the chance to completely open up.
She is a great support when it comes to “leaving your comfort zone” and to show yourself naked and real.
Especially helpful and fruitful are the tools and practices.
The practices are easy, wonderful to integrate into daily life and have a very powerful effect.
To me, the coaching was very enriching on many levels.
Thank you for the amazing work and the loving support

Katja has accompanied me through deep seated shadows of my Self. She really has a talent for holding space and you can feel that she works a lot with herself. I got to learn ways to connect to myself again and again and through the inner work so much in my outer has changed without us directly working towards that. Until today this is so magical to me! Through the work with Katja I got to take huge step towards myself, my femininity, my sensuality, my sexuality, self-love and the joy of life.
I have recommended Katja to several girlfriends, to me, she has definitely become one of the most inspiring women in my life!
So much gratitude for YOU, dear Katja❤~Lorena~

Katja’s Coaching has helped me very quickly very much. Katja has a very empathic, pleasant and motivating 
style and you can notice that she engaged intensively with the topic of sel-love.
I can only recommend a coaching with Katja.