Prices and further information

Art: Gordon Johnson

Experience has shown that a longer time frame gives clients more space to really dive deep, to not feel pressured by time and to also have enough room for integration throughout the coaching experience.

Deshalb würde ich in der Regel empfehlen, mit dem 5-Monate-Paket zu beginnen. Diese Details besprechen wir jedoch auch im Clarity Call.


5 Monate - Tiefgang

 15 Sitzungen mit Sitzungen alle 10 Tage (oder 3 im Monat)
5 x 555€ oder als Einmalzahlung


Other payment plans can be discussed if needed.

For recurring clients, individual packages can be discussed.

Sessions happen via Zoom.

I regularly donate to different organizations that help humans around the world.

Currently my donations go to:

♥HeartArise (help for victims of sex trafficking)

♥AVAAZ (help for humans around the world, where there's need)

♥Charity:Water (fresh drinking water supply)

All three organizations see to it that 100% of donations go directly to the projects. For this I am very grateful and it's why I donate to them.

This means that a portion of your coaching investment also flows into these organizations' projects 💕