Dreams & Dreammeaning

Our night time dreams can be disturbing, exhilarating, hopeful and mysterious.

Do you remember your dreams?

In this article I intend to share with you my personal experience of interpreting dreams. This is not a complete guide and I am much in my own process of deciphering deeper meaning out of my dreams, considering they are many and pretty much happening every night. So there is quite a bit to process ­čśë

However, the most useful techniques I have found in deciphering the language of my deeper mind, have been

  1. Writing the dreams down
  2. Feeling into them
  3. Read on – This one proved itself useful only fairly recently ­čśë
It is of course up to each and every one of us, whether we want to believe in any meaning of our dreams. Life is what meaning we give to it, in my opinion.  So with dreams, I experience it as follows: My unconscious mind is vast. It is literally age-old so it is full of information that I have no idea about as I go through my daily life.
At night time, I – which is mostly my conscious mind – am asleep but there are parts of me that do not sleep. They have diffferent states of being. The sleep time is a fascinating one, as somehow the unconscious and conscious mind are communicating.
So I see it like this: Whatever I am unaware of in my daily life, whatever I am unconscious about, shows up in my dreams. This can be beautiful things as well as scary, boring or seemingly very weird and random things.
During sleeptime, the mind is processing whatever has not been dealt with in waking hours. So in order to become a more aware, awake and conscious human being, it makes sense to pay attention to our dreams.

I have dabbled a little in Carl Jung’s work named “Man & his Symbols”. If you are interested in the mysterious ocean of the mind, this book might be interesting,┬á too.

So , let’s get to it.

1. Writing down

Writing down my dreams was at first a hurdle. For a long time I had been resisting it because the dreams where often quite long and detailed. Writing them down right after waking up with sleepy eyes and tired hands felt so uncomfortable.
However, with a little motivation through another human, I actually started writing them down every day for about half a year. It’s worth mentioning that before that I have used the voice recording function on my phone and more recently I have started typing into my laptop. That is of course up to everyone’s personal taste whether they like opening their laptop so early in the morning.

However, in the beginning, I wrote only by hand, book next to my bed I often took it right after waking up and wrote. That way the memory was fresh. Nowadays I notice that I can even get up first, brush my teeth, have a glass of water and still remember details. The details of the dream also often come back once I start writing. So it seems that we can actually train ourselves to remember more easily.
During the writing process it can happen that I already get insights into the meaning. That is: The meaning for my personal life with its circumstances. Seeing a certain scene or topic written down in front of me and being able to view it again from this different perspective has given me insights into why I had dreamed of it.
Furthermore, when I write down what I have dreamed, it stays more alive in my consciousness so it can also happen that throughout the day I have an experience or encounter a situation that triggers the memory of the dream and I receive an insigtht about the dreams meaning.

What I find importanrt to mention, is to also write down the feelings I had in the dreams. More to feelings in the next paragraph.

2. Paying attention to feelings

It’s funny to think that I actually heard about this idea of being with the feeling of the dream from conscious Comedian┬á JP Sears, who is doing quite different work in the world at the moment.
However, as my dreams where hardly ever anything that was written in dream books or even the many pages on the internet, I was looking  for another way.
So I found the approach of paying attention to the feelings.

This works as follows:

When waking up, you stay with the feeling or feelings that the dream have caused you to experience.

Sit with the feeling and be with it as deeply as you can as to see what is underneath it. This can be tricky if we are not used to it because our mind usually wants to make sense of everything and starts thinking, jumping and questioning rather quickly.
I was tempted to share a personal experience with you here but I decided to refrain from doing so because I don’t want to give your mind any expectations.
Instead: When dropping into the emotion of the dream and allowing it to be, what can you notice? Some impulses / questions that might be useful:

    • Where in your current life are you feeling this feeling? What is this current life situation like for you? What do you actually need there?
    • Can you sense a need underneath the feeling? What is that need? Is there a situation in your life where this need is not being fulfillfed?

These two questions are quite similar, they are rather two different approaches, asking the same question.

3. Speaking to someone

Okay, this last one I actually recommend with a grain of salt.
Sharing our inner world with another person can be one of the most supportive and helpful things we can do as much as it can be one of the most exhausting things that has the potential to add rather more confusion.
My personal experience and recommendation is to share inner experiences with people who are rather compassionate and very good listeners. If you want some advice and more input into your already confusing inner world, go for it ­čśë┬á
But maybe you know what I mean when I say that with some people it’s not so nice and soothing to share inner turmoils because these people tend to add to the mess with advice and opinions.
What I prefer here is compassionate listening and maybe a sharing of personal experience. If I believe that the other person has experience and perspectives that can support the clarification of my situation, I will let them know and welcome their input.
Advice and recommendations are understandable, too – we usually want to help one another and we want to relieve each other of sorrows and struggles. But sometimes, compassionate listening is simply the most useful.

Do you have daytime dreams as well?

Lastly, if you are looking for support in navigating your inner world – this is what my work is here for. I am a strong believer in making the unconscious conscious. It is how we can, on one hand heal ourselves and on the other hand resurrect our deeper gifts and contribution to the planet.

I strongly believe that each of us is important to a humanity that is healthy on the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual level. It is my belief that the dreams we have in the night as well as during the day are worth paying attention to and my speciality lies actually more in the daydreams you may have ­čÖé The wishes you may have for your life but may be struggling to explore further or let come to life. It is my wish to support you in the resurrection of your heart’s yearnings so that we can co-create the life on Earth that we long for in our hearts. I mean by that: Lives of deep connection, authenticity, Love, Consciousness and wholesome, healthy development of potential. If this speaks to you, you may see more on this page or send me a message and see if you like to be supported ÔÖí