-do you believe this, do you know this or do you FEEL this?


My work is for you, if...

…du das Leben mehr fühlen willst ✨💞

…du dich weiter entwickeln möchtest ~ emotional, persönlich, spirituell, menschlich…

…du das Gefühl hast, dich selbst nicht so richtig zu kennen und zu spüren

…du dich fragst, wer du eigentlich noch so bist want to experience more inner peace want to learn a more intelligent way of dealing with your emotional world want to break through old patterns 

…du das Gefühl hast, dass du noch mehr bist / da noch mehr in dir steckt

….du dich selbst tiefer kennenlernen möchtest

…du spürst, dass da noch mehr in dir steckt – und du willst sie / ihn entdecken yearn for "the big love of your life" wish to have better sex

…du dir mehr Intimität mit PartnernInnen wünschst

….du dich in deinem Körper besser, lebendiger, wohler & mehr zu Hause fühlen möchtest

How does it work?

⋙ We work with the subconscious, aka the body mind

⋙ We work with and connect you to your inner child aspects - wisdom lies there

⋙ We bring you into connection with different parts that exist within you and we do this in a cooperative, loving, curious way
They key doesn't lie in "getting rid of" but rather in befriending and allowing.
Only then the inner fight eases.

⋙ I support you to feel yourself - I hold space for you so you can go within

⋙ Ich schöpfe hierbei aus eigener langjähriger Erfahrung und aus den vielen Methoden und Techniken, die ich in meiner über 2 jährigen Coaching Ausbildung gelernt habe.

You are a constantly changing and evolving being. Your journey is never finished.
You grow, you explore, you constantly learn. If not on a human, then at least on a soul level.

What can or will coaching with me give you?

⋙ die Fähigkeit, tiefer in dich hinein zu horchen

⋙ glimpses, epic summit views or profound whole body experiences of the omnipresent, all-pervading Love that you are and that is here

⋙ a new sense for yourself 

⋙ connection to your feminine / masculine and inner intelligence, primal force, wisdom, wildness, rawness, sensuality, beauty, wholeness...∞🤍

⋙ new perspectives and outlooks 

⋙ a space for deep healing ~ of inner child aspects, of past wounds, even of generational pain

⋙ connecting you more to your essence ~ the place from which you receive the guidance for "the next step"

Note: The above mentioned points are possible results.
Of course can I not guarantee anything.
However, experience has shown that at least one of these points is experienced by the humans who dive into this work.

What people say who have worked with me:

Thank you for the wonderful coaching.
Programmed to achieve and the upholding of outer seeming strength I have lost my sense of femininity.
Through your affection and compassion you have shown me what my own femininity feels like.
You have shown me amazing practices that I can now continue to use.
Thank you 😍


"Katja has the incredible ability to create a protected space in which one can feel fully seen and therefore gets the chance to open completely.
She is a great support when it comes to leaving ones "comfort zone" and to show oneself naked and real.
Especially helpful and fruitful are the tools and practices.
The practices are simply, easy to integrate in to daily life and have a very powerful effect.
The coaching was enriching for me on many levels. Thank you for your amazing work and the loving support."

The four weeks selflove course contains many practices that are easily integrated in to daily life and that have continuous effect.
Katja answers to each participant very intensively and is always authentic and in a good mood.
I can recommend the course to everyone who wants to engage with themselves and wants to look a bit closer.

Katja has supportet me through deep seated shadows of myself. She really has a talent for holding space and one can feel that she works a lot with herself, too.
I got to learn methods of connecting to myself again and through the inner work, so much has changed for me on the outside without us working directly towards this. Until this day, it is so magical to me!
By working with Katja I got to take a giant leap towards myself, my femininity, my sensuality, my sexuality, selflove and the joy of living.
I have recommended Katja to several friends. To me, she is definitely one of the most inspiring women in my life!
So much gratitude for YOU, dear Katja ❤~Lorena~

Katja's coaching has helped me very quickly very much.
Katja has a very pleasant and motivating nature and one can sense that she has engaged intensively with the topic of selflove.
I can simply recommend coaching with Katja.