Liberated Sexuality?

Pic by Kyle Cleveland - Unsplash

Liberated sexuality…? What is liberated sexuality? What does it look like? And especially: Feel like? In this article I will share with you my insights and ponderings of exploring sexuality through my lense. Pic by Kyle Clevenland – Unsplash The many ways we can explore and express ourselves sexually… Personally, I was curious about sexuality […]

Psychosomatic work – how and why can it work?

Psychosomatic work – how and why can it work? I still find psychosomatic work quite magical and fascinating. Even after experiencing over a couple of hundred hours of personal and client experiences in these settings, I get baffled and excited, humbled and deeply grateful about the experiences that one can have as one dives into […]

Sensitivity and Intuition

Sensitivity and Intuition This article is going to be a little bit of venting and further on an elaboration of my own experience on the topics of sensitivity and intuition. Sensitivity – is it sepcial or natural? I am writing this out of a desire to express. In recent times I have been increasingly confronted […]

Why I left Instagram…

Instagram English

Why I left Instagram …and some of my persepctive and experience from the online self-development world It feels edgy to say this but I felt some anxiety when I started to seriously consider deleting my Instagram account ­čśćThe main reasons for that were a sense of FOMO and a concern that some people wouldn’t see […]

Dreams and dream meaning

Selflove Ocean

Dreams & Dreammeaning Our night time dreams can be disturbing, exhilarating, hopeful and mysterious. Do you remember your dreams? In this article I intend to share with you my personal experience of interpreting dreams. This is not a complete guide and I am much in my own process of deciphering deeper meaning out of my […]


Yoga – The unity of everything It has been on my mind for a while, to write about Yoga.Yoga itself has been in my life for a little more than a decade now. How it started for me Rishikesh I intensly got into Yoga in India in 2013. I was travelling in India and life, […]