Deep down (poem)

Deep down…don’t we know and feelwhat we need for our harmony? We receive the hintsfrom our emotions -recurring agitationand frustration,sadness and discontent about the partner,the living circumstance,the work, the (so called) friend… and if we have the privilege, we may choose:whether we take the step by step path of making a move or we keep spinning in circles of […]

Ponderings about Peace

Ponderings about Peace Photo credit: Javardh (Unsplash) What do we feel about peace? Simply that it is the absence of war? Our minds and bodies have been infiltrated with visions and beliefs of “this is just what it is kinda war” for millennia. Can we take the time to contemplate what peace really looks and […]


Selflove is a popular trend these days. However… it seems that the focus often lays on mainly giving ourselves spa time, eating certain foods & posting our self-loving self on social media. Or something like this. While some of those things can certainly be part of loving ourselves, many of us seem to struggle to […]

Liberated Sexuality?

Liberated sexuality…? What is liberated sexuality? What does it look like? And especially: Feel like? In this article I will share with you my insights and ponderings of exploring sexuality through my lense. Pic by Kyle Clevenland – Unsplash The many ways we can explore and express ourselves sexually… Personally, I was curious about sexuality […]

Psychosomatic work – how and why can it work?

Psychosomatic work – how and why can it work? I still find psychosomatic work quite magical and fascinating. Even after experiencing over a couple of hundred hours of personal and client experiences in these settings, I get baffled and excited, humbled and deeply grateful about the experiences that one can have as one dives into […]

Sensitivity and Intuition

Sensitivity and Intuition This article is going to be a little bit of venting and further on an elaboration of my own experience on the topics of sensitivity and intuition. Sensitivity – is it sepcial or natural? I am writing this out of a desire to express. In recent times I have been increasingly confronted […]

Why I left Instagram…

Instagram English

Why I left Instagram …and some of my persepctive and experience from the online self-development world It feels edgy to say this but I felt some anxiety when I started to seriously consider deleting my Instagram account 😆The main reasons for that were a sense of FOMO and a concern that some people wouldn’t see […]

Dreams and dream meaning

Selflove Ocean

Dreams & Dreammeaning Our night time dreams can be disturbing, exhilarating, hopeful and mysterious. Do you remember your dreams? In this article I intend to share with you my personal experience of interpreting dreams. This is not a complete guide and I am much in my own process of deciphering deeper meaning out of my […]


Yoga – The unity of everything It has been on my mind for a while, to write about Yoga.Yoga itself has been in my life for a little more than a decade now. How it started for me Rishikesh I intensly got into Yoga in India in 2013. I was travelling in India and life, […]