I'm Katja - Coach for embodied self-love and conscious sexuality.

I have over a decade of experience on the path of the spiritual exploration journey.

In this time I have gotten to know the versatility of the "spiritual world" and its accompanying human community.

From really impressive humans who have integrated their spiritual self impressively into the material world, to the ones who mask themselves as super knowing and look down on all the "lesser knowing" ones, all the way to those who reject their human experience. Obviously, I have direct experience with those states and perspectives, too 😁

🌹Your task isn't to seek for love but solely to open yourself up to it 🌹


My journey led me through Yoga, bodywork but also drugs and dependence on them, through all kinds of self destructive behaviors. Spiked with deeply enlightening states and increasingly in to healing.

For a long time I wasn't aware that my self destructive behavior was the result of my experience as a very sensitive soul on this rather harsh planet. - And yes, there are many of us 😉✨💗

Healing to me, means first and foremost ~ to feel our life as soul in this human being-ness again.
To feel the body deeply.
As intelligent being, as vehicle of endless wisdom and information.

...to walk through life with childlike curiosity and a certain lightness again.

Even if we've had painful experiences. They are indeed part of our human experience but needn't keep us captive 💕

This is how, in the past few years, I deeply went into healing. Got to know different methods and their effectiveness.

And it also led me to my coaching training with Layla Martin - which was a kind of pinnacle to many of the experiences I had had until then. 

Through body-oriented work I learned that my soul (intuition, highest self, etc.) begins speaking to me again the loudest.

Only if we also incorporate the body into the healing work, can we achieve deep and sustainable results.

Certainly are there conversations taking place in my coaching, but the essence of my work lies in bringing you into your body.


First and foremost through the feeling of and "going into" emotional experiences. Stuck emotions create energetic blockages in the body which can hold us back from really inhabiting our body (because it hurts).

But the key is, to go into (or to feel) the very emotions that we have been avoiding to feel.

This is how they're being released.

It may sound like a paradox and in my experience, it needs to be experienced to be really understood. - Keyword "Embodiment" 😉

The reasons for a lacking sense of self-love are many and individual for each person. But the methods that I work with, show repeatedly impressive results.

In suppressed feelings lies a huge amount of energy that, when being released, can lead to more joy of living, creativity and fresh perspectives.

My work impresses me again and again and even if I can come across pretty wild, raw and fierce at times, my empathetic side shows especially in my coaching sessions. Which, by the way, doesn't mean that I don't also help you to radically self-reflect 😉😁

...or you can directly book a clarity call to ask me your questions and get more answers to your specific questions 🙏🏽💖

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I look forward to seeing you there 🙂