Hi, I am Katja,

my own journey around the world opened me up into the remembrance of my own and our collective spiritual nature and potential.
My path then led me through different healing modalities – from conventional talk therapy to energetic and body-oriented therapy and also sexual and feminine practices.

All these modalitites and experiences supported me and continue to do so in anchoring my spiritual self into the body.

Essentially, this is what life for me is about: Anchoring the omni-present love of Soul (the individual as well as the cosmic one) into this body and therefore onto the planet.
This is how we create peace, harmony and yes – heaven on Earth.
By starting within ourselves.
And going about life from that inner state of awareness, inner harmony, self-knowledge, deep introspection.

I am by no means perfect and “accomplished” – this to me is important to say as I see a lot of “perfectionism-projection” in the self-help and spiritual world.
Again and again I find out about leaders and gurus who are either sharing about or having their own struggles revealed by others.

My experience is that none of us has it all figured out.
We are learning, growing, healing and evoloving together.
Walking each other home.
Relying on one other and learning to do this in a healthy, interdependent way.

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You are already whole – nothing in you needs fixing but is merely yearning to finally be given the acknowledgement and Love it hasn’t received in the past ♡

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We are not broken
– simply marked
by the world and the environment
that we grew up in


⋆ 2019-2021: Layla Martin (650hr trauma-informed coaching training)

⋆ 2016-2019: Ronald and Melanie Steiner (500hr yoga teacher training)

⋆ 2018: Dynamic Thai Massage (3 days with Till Heeg)

⋆ 2017: Osteothai for inner organs (30hr with David Lutt)

⋆ 2014: Khunchamnan Family in Chiang Mai, Thailand (60hr traditional Thai Massage)

⋆ 2013: Anjali Ayurveda Center in Kerala, India
(1 month Ayurveda training in Massage und Basics)

In Retreats, courses, or 1:1 work:
⋆ Ronja Sebastian
⋆ Natalie Marciano
⋆ Natasha Haddad 
⋆ Dr. Saida Desilets
⋆ Layla Martin

and more…

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