seeing you, makes me see me (poem)

seeing you, makes me see me.
in a way I had not known

seeing you make me see me
with all my shadows I still get yet to own.

seeing you makes me see me
with a new understanding of love

being seen by you
makes me realise
you and I are God.

looking into your eyes can feel like a blessing in disguise.

my own pain, my own insecurity
you reflect so clearly to me.

“Doing the work” has become a necessity
because what they taught about relationship isn’t a commodity
that you get and then just keep.
nah, this stuff goes deep.

into my inner child turmoil I get to dive
almost every day with you by my side.

fucking hard this work is, to be honest.
but it’s also the one that brings me the closest.

seeing you makes me see me
as the woman I desire to be.

~written by Katja~