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Coaching with me is for you if…

… you want to trust yourself more

… you wish for a more intimate relationship with yourself (intimate relationship with self is the foundation for more intimate relationships with others)

… you want to strengthen / deepen / renew the relationship to yourself

… YOU want to be the love of your life

… you want to feel more connected to your sexuality

… you wish for more intimacy, trust and connection during sex

Coach me 💫

In Coaching…

⇢ We work on finding more understanding and compassion for yourself and your body


⇢ We work body based – meaning: we  listen to the body.
Not only analyzing situations, emotions and patterns but actually dropping in to the body to sense them there and to find out how they manifest energetically.
This is, in my experience the most effective way to transformation. ⇢ We work on bringing you closer to your dreams and wishes.
We will do this by defining a goal for our time together, then exploring what is holding you back from achieving that goal – clearing energetic blockades (energetic blockages manifest as behavior & thought patterns, beliefs, self-sabotaging, etc.)
This is powerful as it reprograms your body, to support you in actually moving towards your dreams. Instead of relying solely on brain power or affirmations (that don’t work by themselves) we get the body and unconscious parts of your being on board to support your journey 💕 ⇢ We work with the idea of Integration – meaning that those parts of yourself that don’t agree with your dreams and wishes are listened to, given a voice and integrated in your life in a cooperative way.
This is effective as the objecting parts within us usually are there because they want something from us.
If we try to get rid of them, they will stick even stronger. ⇢ You get to do “homeplay” exercises for the times in between our sessions. Those exercises are, for example meditations and breathwork in order to implement lasting and sustainable transformation.
You will need around 5-15 minutes daily for those practices I want this 🌻

About Katja

I have been on the journey to love, basically my whole life.
I believe, we all carry love. The love we so desperately seek, flows through us.
It flows out of us and it flows in to us.
So I have been on the journey to finding and dissolving the blocks I had built in myself against this love.

Self love, in my opinion, is a big part of the answer to peace on Earth.

If I truly and thoroughly love myself, I can only emit love.

So with this quest in my soul I have been venturing the world for the past 10+ years, sometimes more the outer worlds, sometimes more my inner.
And what I have found is: The person who stands most in the way of me getting to my dreams and goals – is me.

I have traveled through drug addictions, disordered eating, unhealthy and thoroughly confusing sexual encounters all the way in to the dark depressive side of my own psyche.

I had contemplated to take my own life. Wanted to disappear from the Earth so badly.

However, the voice that came to me in one of those dark moments, said “Katja, if you leave now, you will come back to keep learning exactly those same lessons. For as long as you need to understand them and move on from them.”

This is one of the reasons why I kept going and still keep going.

Because I listen to the part inside me that wants me to open to love.
More and more and more 💖

Life is such a blessing, it keeps sending us infinite amounts of opportunities and possibilities to go after the life we dream of.  It is only a matter of following the signs and trusting ✨

I have now come to a point in my life where I am ready to share with you what I know.

I have done trainings in Yoga, Massage and conscious sexuality – I am currently in my one year long coaching certification with Layla Martin.

I have invested time, sweat, tears, money and basically all my being in to this path.
I am here to bring out the highest version of myself. And by doing so, I trust that this gives you the permission and space to do the same.
We grow together. We are walking each other in this 💙

I know that this path is best walked with support along the way. I had help from therapists, healers, coaches and amazing humxns. And I continue to ask for help and work with people myself.

If you want to work with me I will be honored to be with you for some time on this path 💙💫

Coach me 🌹


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