Breast Activation

Do you feel…

…comfortable with your breasts?
◟with having someone give them curious, delicious licking attention?

or do you feel….

…like a stranger to your own breasts?

…insecure about them?

…not sure what they are there for other than breast feeding and being an object of desire for others?

…like you’d rather change them for another pair?

Is this…

…making you feel alienated from your own body and breasts?

…limiting your intimate experiences?

…making you feel worried that you will always feel mediocre about your breasts?

…making you worried for your partnership?

…making you feel estranged from the experience of being a woman?

Do you…

…believe society’s story of growing old and losing your libido on the way?

…have sex just to please your partner and to avoid awkward or hard conversations?

…feel like your sex life has had it’s glory days and now you’re just a mum, a single lady or a woman in partnership in her 30s, 40s + without much sexual chemistry?

…believe that it has to stay like this?

…still feel frustrated about the dates you have that end up in weirdness, ghosting and confusion?

…or keep having sexual experiences that leave you feeling confused, used and like it was just “another one of these experiences”?

Well, here’s the thing ( or a few things)…

…there are women who reclaim their sensuality and sexuality at ANY age.

…you don’t have to feel like a dried up raisin

…your life is here to FEEL GOOD.


…your libido, your sensuality, your sexuality – they are NOT GONE

…they are very much here – waiting for you to connect to them 🤍

Breast Activation is a mini program, that…

…brings you into connection with one beautiful part of your body: YOUR BREASTS – which, btw are a physical representation of YOUR HEART 💛

…shows you simple tools and techniques to reconnect to this body part in a new way

…gives you practices that you can use for your personal self-care / self-love practice

And why should that be useful you may wonder?

Here some of my personal story and experiences that may help:

I used to be preettyyyy disconnected from my body.

Smoked, drank, fucked around, searched outside of myself for someone to satisfy me.

Searched for THE MAN to make me feel like that queen.

But it wasn’t until I got this:

It is MY responsibility to make myself feel queenly, sexy, wanted, turned on and BEAUTIFUL.

It is MY responsibility to give myself the love, affection, tenderness and gentleness that I seek from someone else.

And you have probably even heard all this before or simply know it.

This is where Breast Activation comes in to the picture


If you do not FEEL like this, all the knowing about it won’t do much.

If you only know this to be true in your head but you still feel like mweh and you still find yourself feeling unsexy, frustrated about your partner or ex-partners and wondering where the fuck your person of salvation is…

look no further.


And I’m here to give you some perspectives and TOOLS that are up to you to use and try on in order to get connected into your sensual softness.

To connect to the wise woman that you are ✨🤍

To connect to a possibly long lost part within yourself.

To connect to exactly the one who can make you feel more alive, more confident, more turned on, more peaceful, more KNOWING OF YOUR OWN CAPABILITIES.

I created Breast Activation for you to…

…have an entry point into your (sensual) self

…get connected to your own and individual beauty, tenderness and uniqueness

…connect with your breasts in a way that you possibly never have before

…find a sense of peace with this part of your body (if you have a difficult relationship)

…create a deeper connection if you already have a great relationship

…connect to yourself in a more intimate, lover-like way – which can ultimately lead to deeper and more intimate connections with another

Breast Activation is a mini program, that…

…is self-led (meaning you get access and use it at your own pace)

…gives you life-time access

…is here to support you on your sensual and sexual reclamation journey

…contains 5 guided audios to connect you within, including a BONUS audio that extends that connection to the Yoni 🌹

…contains a comment section in which you can ask questions and exchange experiences with other participants

…is a good entry point into the world of conscious sexuality, sensuality and self-love / bodypeace


Send them here 👇🏼

Ready to go?

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