Awaken your Sensuality

In this 1:1 experience, I accompany you into your sensuality.

It is already here. It has always been there.

If you haven’t been feeling it that’s simply because you learned to neglect it, suppress it, deny it.

You learned to distract yourself, you may have learned that it is dangerous, too much, not good enough or useless to be a sensual being.

The conditioning around our sensuality goes deep and we will dive in.

On this 3 months journey together, we will explore what is holding you back from embodying more of your sensual self and will work to connect you back into your sensuality in a way that makes it feel safe, accessible in daily life and grounded.

I will also guide you through embodiment practices to connect you with your female body and inner wisdom.

If appropriate for your needs,  we implement Yoni Egg practices to deepen into intimacy and sensitivity with your Yoni.


  • 9 sessions over the duration of 3 months
    (one session lasts between 60-75 minutes)
  •  Practices to take with you and integrate into your life
  • Sessions are via Zoom

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