Are you looking for “the one”?

Because I have met so many people who wish to meet their dream partner or simply that person that they can have this life partnership with ~ and because I have met a guy who is quite the guy ūüėĀ+ I have a training as a Love Coach and have been studying and researching Love for a while now ~ I want to share with you what I have learned:

Knowing intellectually that you have to love yourself first and saying this out loud does not help when you don’t have an embodied feeling of that love for self.
What actually helps more is “I am not perfect, I am on my journey and I am open for someone to join me on this life endeavour”
Thinking that you need this person in order to do certain thing in your life ain’t going to bring them into your life.

Go, start doing the things and living the life you want to live ~ the person who is meant to come into your life will meet you there ~ outside your comfort zone.

Do inner child healing work ~ check in with yourself. You might be saying and wanting one thing consciously but if your subconscious mind has some wounding around attachment and intimacy (which most people nowadays have) it will keep you from meeting the partner that is willing and suitable to commit.
Be creative ~ explore yourself in self-pleasuring sessions, be your own best lover ~ so you can realize on a FELT LEVEL that you can have a great time with yourself physically, too.
Take yourself out on dates.
Buy the s~xy lingerie for YOU (you’re probably doing this already ūüėčūüíĖ)…and the flowers, too ūüėČ
Learn to hold yourself in pain. 
Learn to accept yourself in aaaalll the ways that you’re crazy, messed up, weird, amazing, beautiful, lovely,…
Tap into the feeling ~ how do you feel in this reality where your partner is with you?
Create this feeling now.
And: probably one of the most important ones:
Would you want to be in a relationship or marriage with yourself??
And your answer doesn’t even need to be 100% yes but at least somewhat yes and honestly yes.
And if there is a no ~ can you accept that? Can you accept yourself for not feeling like you would want to be in a relationship or marriage with yourself?
Again ~ for the above mentioned:
Check your FEELING state.
It doesn’t help if you tell yourself “Yea of course I accept myself” if the felt experience is another one.
Because then you’re just kidding yourself.
I might sound a bit harsh here but I see this scenario of wanting “the one” so often and the above mentioned points are so often not acknowleged and it hurts me to see that.¬†
You CAN have it.
The person you’re yearning for is here, on Earth with you already, being crazy and weird and walking around, probably wishing for you, too.
So do yourself and them the favor and start living, loving and being the person you believe you would be when you meet this partner.
Do it now. Be it now. As good as you can ūü§ć

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